No Description 820B


  • store subreddits for suggesting later
  • used stored subreddits to help autocomplete
  • add fuzzy matching
  • better suggestion ordering (popularity/closeness)
  • don't save a subreddit if it doesn't exist (URL is a search page)
  • don't save data when in incognito, per google guidelines
  • be able to remove select subreddits from list
  • be able to clear data
  • make options page nicer
  • reset the counts on a schedule (weekly?), but keep the subreddit listed so that new subreddits can surpass old subreddits if they're visited a lot. Or do exponentially weighted moving average stuff instead.
  • remove alerts for production
  • make sure filter doesn't filter out perfect matches
  • ask for user confirmation in options before deleting all subreddits